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Generator Installation

In 1999 Fred started installing and maintaining various brands of standby generator systems.   In 2005 Spa Electric became an authorized Generac Power Systems Dealer certified to sell, service, and perform warranty repairs on Generac generators from 8kw to 150kw.   Every two years Fred is recertified by Generac to keep up to date with the new equipment and updates for older models.  His installations strictly adhere to the manufacturers recommended methods to ensure the manufacturer will honor the product warranty.  He has also learned from troubleshooting problems with existing installations. His experience provides the customer with a reliable and long lasting standby system

Fred uses a Data Logger to record and report the actual Load Wattage, Surge Load Wattage as well as the Power Factor of a customer’s electric service.  With all that information he takes the guesswork out of sizing a generator.

Fred will also balance the load applied to a generator so the customer is able to get the most power potential.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs

Standby Generators need to be reliable and able to run for several days. A Standby Generator serviced at least once a year helps to ensure it will run as expected for an extended length of time. 

With a Fluke Power Quality Analyzer, Fred has the ability to identify any Power Quality issues from a Standby Generator, Utility, Renewable, and UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply.  He is able to see the actual alternating current wave form to identify any irregularities from a variety of sources. 

Fred is able to identify Harmonic Distortion that can damage motors and electronics.  Some equipment will be noisy or not run at all when the power is too dirty. When a UPS or HVAC system might not accept the power supplied by a generator, he is able to identify what the issue is. 

Fred is an electrician as well as a mechanic so he is able to provide a comprehensive servicing of the entire Generator from Engine to Alternator. 


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